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Beware the Integrated Tests Scam (was Integrated Tests Are a Scam) Comments

I made this announcement at a TDD course in Bucuresti this week, and I wanted to make it here: I now fully and freely admit that when I use the term “integration tests” I confuse people unnecessarily, and so I will stop.

As a result, you will notice me change from “integration tests” to “integrated tests”, because I believe the latter term better fits the meaning I intend to convey as well as avoids confusion with what everyone else means by “integration tests”. I agree to reserve the term “integration tests” for tests that focus on checking the integration points between subsystems, systems, or any nontrivial client/supplier relationship. Integration tests might be integrated tests, and might be collaboration tests. Your choice.

I apologize for the confusion I created, and appreciate you for hanging in there while I refactor my considerable library of legacy articles. That will take time and I can’t make it my full-time job.