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Beware the Integrated Tests Scam (was Integrated Tests Are a Scam) Comments

I found an example of contract tests in Arlo Belshee’s series of articles about mock-free testing. I must strongly, strongly point out that Arlo uses the term “mock” narrowly to refer to runtime- or bytecode-generated proxies that intercept interface method invocations and provide the ability to set method expectations, in the way that JMock and NMock do. He does not mean the generic term “mock”, where he uses the term “test double” instead. I thank him for that.

If you click here you’ll see an almost textbook example of a contract test: that is, a test class that can run the same set of tests for two different implementations of the same interface. I would change only one thing: I’d extract the tests into an abstract superclass—something I otherwise hate to do—and pull the declaration of the method MakeTestSubject() up there, leaving two subclasses, one for the real file system and one for the simulated one. “YAGNI,” you say, and I agree, but I prefer the symmetry of the abstract superclass design to the asymmetry of having one class inherit from the other. I find it easier to grok quickly.

Either way, I feel good seeing contract tests out in the wild. I’m not so crazy after all.